VPN Solution

With the VPN solutions of Protelion GmbH, we can protect every network and every endpoint of your communication.

Protelion Communication Security System

Protelion CSS is a platform for secure communication that allows separation of the contours of protected information and the level of protection of user data within the system.

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Protelion CSS consists of the following components:

  • Protelion VPN - for protecting information in transit over IP networks;
  • Protelion Enterprise Mesenger - app for secure business communication; 
  • Protelion Mobile AR Phone - secure mobile phone:  
  • Protelion CSS Phone - secure landline phone;

Protelion Enterprise Messenger  

Protelion Enterprise Messenger is a closed system for secure communications that enables calls, video calls, file sharing and private chat messages. Protelion Enterprise Messenger can be integrated into the customer's proven SIP server infrastructure and connect to the customer's existing VoIP and video conferencing system.

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Protelion Messenger Enterprise features 

  • Protelion Enterprise Messenger has a user-friendly interface and supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. 
  • VPN calls and video calls
  • Put a call on hold without hanging up
  • Receive GSM calls
  • Mute the loudspeaker
  • Sending messages during a call
  • Exchanging files and messages via private chat
  • Filter messages 
  • Editing and deleting messages 
  • Inserting files and pictures from the clipboard 
  • Sharing files from other chats 
  • All staff members are in one address book;

Protelion Mobile AR Phone 

The device offers the possibility to communicate protected and with verified content.

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Modern mobile devices manufactured by Google Pixel. The basic software package for Protelion Mobile AR includes:

  • Protelion VPN - for protecting information as it is transmitted over IP networks;
  • Protelion Enterprise Mesenger - for secure business communications;
  • Protelion PKI Client - for electronic signature and encryption of applications;
  • Client-selected and verified email for corporate email exchanges;

Protelion Mobile AR Phone features:

  • In consultation with the customer, we specify the list of installed applications and the list of restrictions. Only verified and signed apps can be installed on the device;
  • The access to the Google Play Market app store is restricted;
  • The ability to flash the device or access the bootloader of the operating system is prohibited;
  • Restoring the factory settings of the device is prohibited;
  • The uncontrolled updating of the operating system version is prohibited;
  • The operation of GSM channels is blocked and communication is exclusively via protected IP channels;
  • And more; 

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