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Digital communications are intercepted all over the world from governments, intelligence agencies and competitors. And why? Because communications are not encrypted or not encrypted enough

This is the situation without data protection

Your stored and unencrypted communications on your PC or smartphone become an object of curiosity for family members, company employees and hackers. Google, Microsoft, Apple, NSA, etc., collect and store data, then analyse it electronically. Internet providers, administrators and IT support staff have access to your unencrypted communications. Even if your correspondence does not contain anything compromising and is open, you do not want to share it with unauthorised persons. Confidential communications such as documents and offers should remain strictly confidential.

Although anti-virus programmes and firewalls have long been part of the standard equipment of a PC, encryption programmes are still too little used, either due to lack of knowledge or convenience. With the increasing use of cloud archives, threats or security risks on the Internet, encryption of sensitive data is absolutely recommended.

The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany uses a method that allows short messages, videos and images, audio, to be read, viewed and listened to in real time from a WhatsApp account. In addition, the WhatsApp contacts of the person concerned can be displayed. A state trojan (Govware), therefore, is not indispensable.

According to the German Federal Telecommunications Act (LTC) § 110 and the Ordinance on Telecommunications Surveillance, since 2005 all operators offering telecommunications services to the public must monitor e-mails. The content of e-mails, however, can be encrypted using simple technical means such as symmetric encryption, which offers a high degree of security.  For surveillance, therefore, only the presence of the message is traceable, while its content remains secret.

Industrial espionage is a worldwide reality. It consists of stealing important trade secrets. The results of a study show that 15% to 33% of companies, regardless of their size, are affected by industrial espionage. In 40% of cases, the employees of the company themselves were complicit in the espionage. 

We are all curious!

Have you sent an unencrypted confidential message by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp to the wrong address in your haste?

What were the consequences?

For companies and private individuals, everyday life without digital communication is no longer imaginable. With the impressive increase in digital data transmission, it is absolutely necessary to protect data from unauthorised access.

How are you communication with your clients?

Using SSL/TLS - I am sufficiently protected? 

 If you rely exclusively on SSL/TLS, your e-mails are not sufficiently protected, as the TLS (Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocol only encrypts the transport channel but not the e-mail itself. However, for both the sender and the recipient and at intermediate stations, the message can clearly be read, manipulated or copied. 

How secure are messaging apps?

 Do messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, Threema and Telegram have end-to-end encryption? Have you ever generated a key for each of these apps? The fact is that if you don't create your own key, the encryption offers no protection and your messages could be read by third parties. 

Graphodata offers maximum security solutions with symmetric key technology 

AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard)

This symmetric encryption process is also used in the military. The key is always and exclusively generated by the user. You have total control over the encryption operation. This process is considered particularly secure. Since it was standardised in 2001, no weak points or backdoors (loopholes) have been found to circumvent this cryptographic system. Even hacker attacks and cybercriminal manoeuvres have not been able to compromise it. AES also impresses with its speed. 

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