Graphodata offers maximum security solutions with symmetric key technology

AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard). This symmetric encryption process is also used in the military. The key is always and exclusively generated by the user. You have total control over the encryption operation. This process is considered particularly secure. Since it was standardised in 2001, no weak points or backdoors (loopholes) have been found to circumvent this cryptographic system. Even hacker attacks and cybercriminal manoeuvres have not been able to compromise it. AES also impresses with its speed.

About Us

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Graphodata Sagl in Vernate, Switzerland, is a Swiss company active in the field of cryptographic technology relating to the security of data transmission. 

Our Mission

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Als Lösungspartner für Unternehmen und öffentliche Stellen bieten wir ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit und Flexibilität für die sichere Übertragung von Daten und Kommunikation über das Internet.

Our partners

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Imhof EDV

Imhof EDV is the official developer of toc:toc256 software.
The software is distributed by Graphodata Sagl.
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Golden Partners Srl 

Golden Partners Srl in Italy is the official distributor of Graphodata for the toc:toc256 software.


CED di Lacava 

CED by Lacava in cooperation with Golden Partners Srl
distributes the software toc:toc256. 

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