Protect communication with toc:toc256

toc:toc256 encryption programme for Windows, Mac and Android
You can install toc:toc256 on all your devices with the same licence. toc:toc256 works offline

You always create your own communication key
This way you can be sure that the message sent to the recipient is exclusively yours!  You can create, exchange and change any key yourself at any time. 

Complete confidentiality
With the mobile phone, texts, photos, videos and voice files can be created directly with toc:toc256 without being stored on the device.

Everything you send in electronic form can be encrypted and decrypted with toc:toc256
You can write or import documents, Word files, Excel, PDF, texts, photos and much more. Your recipient can also decrypt all your correspondence and confidential messages directly in toc:toc256

Send your encrypted communication via all available services
Existing services such as email, cloud, USB stick, SMS, WhatsApp, Signal, are used to send the encrypted messages with toc:toc256.


1. Data protection and security

Thanks to the highly secure encryption based on AES 256, you can be sure that your confidential messages are transmitted to the recipient without being read by third parties. There is no risk of your message being sent to the wrong address and them not being able to read it.

2. Flexibility

You can use toc:toc256 both on your PC and on the go on your smartphone.
Finally, you can use messaging programmes such as WhatsApp, Signal, Threema, Telegram, etc. securely.

3. Professionality

By securing your communication with toc:toc256, you signal that your company uses a high security standard to protect its customers.

Who uses toc:toc256?

The authorities
Security services

Public administration

Law firms and notaries

Financial institutions

Asset managers

Industry and trade 

Insurance companies

Organisations and individuals

How to request a licence for toc:toc256?

1. Fill in the form with your name - surname - email.

2. Please specify in the form how many licences you wish to purchase.

3. We will send you a quote and further information by e-mail.

4. While waiting to receive your licence, download toc:toc256 for your device.

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We will be pleased to provide you with the best solution for the protection of your communications.

How to incorporate toc:toc256 in your company?

1. Request an appointment with one of our experts via the contact form.
At the first appointment, we survey your company's needs and work processes.

3. On the basis of the data collected, your communication structure is generated. For security reasons, it is necessary for you to configure communications and create keys yourself.

4. IT administrator or manager will then distribute the licences of toc:toc256 to the desired personnel - user. Graphodata Sagl offers the necessary know-how with tailor-made training.

5. The user, if he/she wishes, has the possibility to book an awareness-raising course in order to become more familiar with this sensitive area.

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