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File Encryption

The world is online, and this also applies to criminals!

Every day you work with files, so you need proven ways to keep your data secure from prying eyes. Cybercrime affects almost one third of all companies every year and exacts a global cost of up to 6 trillion € annually. 

File encryption is one of the most effective security solutions for data protection. File encryption is a way of encoding files, including the sensitive data they contain, in order to send or store them securely. The encoding prevents unauthorized access and tampering by malicious actors. It keeps a file from being read by anyone except the person or people for whom it was intended.


With toc:toc256 you encrypt all digital data -  securely and easily.

toc:toc256 is an encryption program for Windows, Mac and Android and is not connected to the internet.


Your data are safe - extremely safe, encrypted with the currently strongest encryption algorithm AES 256. Using toc:toc256 is a piece of cake. With a few clicks your texts and files you want to share are encrypted and decrypted.

toc:toc256 is available for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac

You can install toc:toc256 on all your devices with the same license. Whether on your PC or on your smartphone, you can finally use messaging programs like WhatsApp, Signal, Threema, Telegram, etc. securely. All existing communication services like email, cloud, USB stick and SMS can be used to send encrypted messages with toc:toc256. toc:toc256 itself is not connected to a server or the Internet.


How secure is toc:toc256

AES-256 is one of the most secure encryption methods when it comes to protecting your data. For example, American authorities rely on AES-256, an algorithm defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the US standard.


Competent consulting

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